Fuck me, sorry, I seem to have managed to not do one of these for about two months. That totally took me aback, I have to confess.

Ah well, I suppose it was inevitable. Due to slightly ambitious scheduling we ended up with four or five releases all being live at the same time in the late Winter/early Spring period and I was kind of overwhelmed with all the work which needed doing for all of them I am afraid, which kind of accounts for how overwhelmed I ended up getting.

The Cherryblossomcast was suggested by Stephen Lappin on Twitter, as I took that picture over there of our front door once the two cherry trees which flank the gate started flowering this week.

It's been sunny and gorgeous here in Edinburgh, and we've been doing that classic thing you do in Northern cities, and sitting outside and drinking too much absolutely every available sunny second, and sometimes persisting way after it's become far too cold to reasonably sit outside. It's just such a joyous relief to feel the warmth and the sunshine, much of a Winter fetish as I do have.

01. Garden of Elks - I Hid Inside (00.22)
02. Rob St. John - Young Sun (06.02)
03. Woodpigeon - When You Look For Trouble, Trouble Comes (10.30)
04. Youngstrr Joey - Cheerleaders (16.43)
05. Bat-Bike - Raw (20.51)
06. Taman Shud - The Ziggurat, A Mirage (24.49)
07. Chump - Sleep In (Bedroom Demo) (30.42)
08. DTHPDL - The Future (Live Demo) (39.50)
09. Passion Pusher - Thinking Very, Very Hard (44.23)
10. Wendell Borton - Saucy (51.34)
11. Slows Down - The Blues Easing (56.14)

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