I can't believe I've never recorded a Lovecast before, but honestly, I looked back through the old titles and it didn't come up. So here we go, the counterpoint to last week's Hatecast is this. I am full of the joys of life, relaxed and happy. Would you believe it?

Actually, the reason this podcast exists is not because I feel some need to eradicate the rage of last week. I like to live by the words of Clem Snide: "don't be afraid of your anger". I am not afraid of my anger. I actually love my anger. My anger, inner rage, permanent sense of simmering resentment - whatever you want to call it - is what makes me who I am, what drives me on, and what makes me enjoy what I do. Fuck it, you can deal with my anger.

Instead, this podcast simply exists because last week's ragefest has genuinely lifted the black cloud which it represented clean away from my life. I feel refreshed and released by having got it off my chest and am in a genuinely good mood these days. Who'd have thought it!

01. Plastic Animals - Sheltered (00.10)
02. Naked - Lie Follows Lie (09.13)
03. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (16.12)
04. Mark Lanegan - You Only Live Twice (22.51)
05. Lady Lazarus - Never Ever Anna (28.29)
06. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (36.50)
07. Post War Glamour Girls - Johnny and Mary (39.55)
08. Le Thug - Swam (48.15)
09. Rob St. John - Stainforth Force (54.13)
10. Sharon Van Etten - I'm Wrong (1.04.13)

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