August is traditionally the month where my slender grasp of Song, by Toad Records admin is finally broken and everything collapses into a massive pile of shit. And that is just what has happened this year: I am behind on the accounts, haven't opened a single envelope which has been delivered to the house for about two months, and my inbox is a sprawling, out-of-control mess. Boo fucking hoo.

Nevertheless it all has to be smartened up by September. I have a new accountant, having been kicked to the kerb by the previous one for being too disorganised to be worth the hassle, so I can't fuck this one up or I really am in trouble! So August gets to be messy, and then I have to get my shit together for real and get this whole nasty mess under control again.

There are plenty of old favourites on this podcast - blog-era favourites, not real oldies, but nevertheless, some artists I haven't played for ages. There's also a wee taster from the new batch of Toad Sessions we're working on, to give you a taste of the new stuff. They are going to be a lot of work, but still tremendous fun to do, and I think the results are likely to be awesome.

01. Frog - Ichabod Crane (00.16)
02. Sparrow and the Workshop - The Gun (Toad Sessions) (08.06)
03. Alela Diane - Desire (Piano Demo) (11.55)
04. Sam Amidon - He's Taken My Feet (18.47)
05. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - We Real Cool (25.37)
06. Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Garbage Pail Kids (33.33)
07. Alela Diane - About Farewell (36.26)
08. The Black Tambourines - Bodies (44.54)
09. Yoofs - For Her (48.12)
10. Emmylou Harris and Liela Moss - So You'll Aim Towards the Sky (56.27)

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