Salford is to Manchester pretty much what Leith is to Edinburgh - the scummy port town which is close enough to be pretty much part of the city, but still maintains a separate identity. And indeed Salford may be a good way behind Leith in this aspect, but it too seems to be slowly becoming nicer and nicer, and shrugging off some of its rough image. Salford has a very long way to go I suppose, but there does seem to be a fair bit of decent arty stuff happening down there at the moment, which tends to be how these things start.

Anyhow, on Sunday I am going to down to Salford for the Sounds From the Other City festival.  There will be stages booked by all sorts of excellent Manchester promoters, like Comfortable on a Tightrope, Underachievers, Now Wave and Manchester Scenewipe, and plenty of people knocking around who I haven't seen for a while, so I am rather looking forward to it. 

I also get the chance to see my Granddad and have a wee whisky together on Saturday night, which will be excellent. My Granddad and I get on really well these days, but when I first moved to England and spent some of my first year at university living at his house it wasn't always the case for various reasons. Consequently, the fact that we get on so well is something we both take great pleasure from and make sure we don't take for granted, which is a nice thing.  Whisky: bringing people together since the 1400s.

01. Black Market Karma - Sole Abuser (00.21)
02. Rob St. John - Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey (09.14)
03. Virgin of the Birds - Christiane (16.15)
04. Powerdove - Love Walked In (22.21)
05. Still Caves - Dutch (26.17)
06. Laura Viers - Shadow Blues (35.27)
07. Suuns - Powers of Ten (42.02)
08. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Swimming Song (47.21)
09. Weavers - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (49.47)
10. Adam Stafford - Please (57.35)

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