Grinch, not because I am being deliberately all Scroogey and slagging off Christmas, just because I am somehow entirely failing to find any Christmas spirit at all.

I like Christmas actually. Although, I suppose to be fair, like a lot of people I despise the hysteria of the presents and all that shit.  Particularly the way the shops start punting it in late September, and the fucking adverts ladle on the emotional blackmail to imply that anything less than an entry-level mortgage spent on presents is some sort of horrendous slight on your loved ones.

Fairly standard anti-commercialisation moaning aside, though, I like the cold and the darkness and the time spent quietly with family doing next to nothing. I also like the ritual preparation of a huge meal, and then lying on the sofa watching Back to the Future or Star Wars or Indiana Jones all evening because you're too bloody full to do anything else.

But I'm not doing that this year, am I. No, I am doing the accounts and editing sessions.  Because I'm a dick.

01. Eddie Izzard - Covered in Bees (00.26)
02. Onions - Christmas (Not as Much as We Would Like) (02.47)
03. The Pictish Trail - The Handstand Crowd (08.47)
04. Kid Canaveral - Low Winter Sun (13.47)
05. Eeek! - Down and Out in Harrison Fjord (20.16)
06. Adam Balbo - Do What You Do (23.50)
07. Yo La Tengo - Ohm (30.09.)
08. Paws - Asthmatic (Laptop Demo) (39.36)
09. S.E. Land Otter Champs - Wolf Like Howls From the Bathhouse (43.27)
10. Kiki Pau - Tomte Mars (48.24)
11. Bob Dylan - Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (59.37)

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