My folks are spending a couple of months in Rottingdean down on the South coast, and after the Meursault, Rob St. John and Withered Hand gig at the Islington Assembly Hall in London on Tuesday I have come down to spend a few days with them, before pootling on back to Edinburgh tomorrow.

This may not excuse but most certainly does explain the fact that the blog has been slightly more erratic than usual this week.  I've squeezed in posts where I can, but parents don't take all that kindly to you spending your entire visit buggering about on the internet, so I've had to cool it slightly.  Although I did force them to sit through an hour of my inbox yesterday, just so they would know how the internet makes me suffer.  Boo fucking hoo.

Anyhow, Rottingdean is very near Brighton, which I visited for the first time for the Great Escape this Spring, so it was sort of nice to be back, in an odd way. I spent way too much money at Resident again, so I will have explaining to do when I get home. Mrs. Toad is an unforgiving beast, when it comes to my vinyl obsession.

01. Elton John - Ballad of a Well-Known Gun (00.10)
02. Holy Modal Rounders - Hey, Hey Baby (08.06)
03. Alabama 3 - Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlife (11.30)
04. Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - Thunder Road (15.40)
05. Simon & Garfunkel - Blues Run the Game (23.32)
06. Younghoon Beats - Ours (31.06)
07. The Douglas Firs - The Possessed (38.15)
08. ABC - Poison Arrow (42.26)
09. Holy Modal Rounders - Blues in the Bottle (45.59)
10. Bagel Project - The Chariot Tale (51.33)
11. Rob St. John - The Mandrake (57.07)

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