This is called the Justcast because, whilst it may well be late, it is entirely justifiably late, so piss off and stop moaning at me. And come on, stop being coy, I know you're secretly tutting.  Or at least I fucking hope you are, because the other option is that you don't really give a fuck, and where would that leave us?

So, having worked all through the working week, and then having spent all of Saturday working at Record Store Day stuff, I got to Sunday and was honestly just not up for doing anything at all, sorry. I was pooped.  Bushed.  Knackered. Tuckered. Done for.  So I did fuck all, and I actually felt guilty about this for a while, and then realised that actually, every cunt gets a fucking weekend, so stop feeling sorry for yourself, embrace a day of doing bugger all, and just do the podcast as soon as you can reasonably manage.  So there you go.

Next week I might do a bit of a podcast on my Record Store Day purchases (and there were many) but not this week, because I haven't had the chance to sit down and listen to them yet.  Maybe Thursday that might happen.  And/or Wednesday.  And then I will waffle on about them on the internet next week, for which I am sure you will all be truly grateful.

01. The Leg - Witch on the Speaker (00.15)
02. Algiers - Blood (05.33)
03. The Walkmen - Heaven (14.17)
04. Milk Maid - Do Right (18.49)
05. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - The Powers and the Glory of Love (23.44)
06. Daily Life - Alabaster (29.26)
07. Possimiste - Clockworkbird (33.17)
08. Liars - No.1 Against the Rush (40.16)
09. Richard Hawley - Leave Your Body Behind You (46.13)
10. The Babies - My Name (57.33)

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