We are in St. Andrews this weekend for the Fence Collective's Eye of the Dug Festival.  Needless to say, The Dugcast or something to that effect might have been more suitable, but there are so many golf twats around town that I really couldn't ignore them, not after all the effort they make to look like complete prats.

I get the impression that with golf, the costumes became so ludicrous that really the only way to look cool, instead of dressing like a normal person, was to try and look like an even bigger fuckwit than the rest of them.  Which, given the exceptionally high bar that has already been set, takes some doing.

Anyhow, there is no danger of me ever taking up golf.  None at all.  I already find playing pool frustrating enough, and it strikes me as really quite similar in the following crucial way: you play what turns out to be a perfect shot, then the next time you do what feels like the exact same fucking thing, and yet somehow the shot you produce is dreadful.  With no clue what you've done differently.  It would drive me round the fucking bend.  Anyhow... erm, oh yes, the podcast:

01. Broncho - Try Me Out Sometime (00.09)
02. Silence at Sea - Gladiators on Repeat (05:13)
03. Fat Bicth - The Seagull (12.49)
04. Slowcoaches - 54 (15.57)
05. Mac DeMarco - Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans (20.54)
06. Islet - This Fortune (27.15)
07. Werk - Giant Isopods Have Stolen My Gameboy (33.54)
08. Ziggy Bolus & the Thomas Fergusson Band - Me, Myself and Isopod (37.10)
09. The Spyrals - Calling Out Your Name (42.39)
10. Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler (46.27)
11. R.M. Hubbert - Sandwalks (with Stevie Jones & Paul Savage) (55.54)

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