The Dutchcast was named after football.  I was at the pub all day watching United play QPR and City getting done by Arsenal.  For some reason this reminded me of living in Holland, primarily because Arsenal have dropped off the pace in the Premier League a lot recently, but when I was in Holland it was the height of the Wenger vs. Ferguson clashes, so watching the team play again and actually caring about the result reminded me really strongly of a time when Arsenal actually mattered as a football club.  Harsh, but fair.

So yes, in my reminiscences of my time spent living in Holland I have popped in a couple of songs I was introduced to by pals when I lived out there, as well as a cracking track by Bettie Serveert, one of the most well-respected Dutch indie bands out there.

Added to that are a couple of new things from the internet, not least the new track from Owen Ashworth's new project Advance Base, as well as a demo from our pal Tom Western, who recorded four gorgeous demos in our living room about a month ago.  These songs are awaiting a proper recording, but for now the demos themselves are lovely enough.

01. Supergrass - Cheapskate (00.26)
02. Weeping Willows - Failing in Love (08.51)
03. Bettie Serveert - I'll Keep it With Mine (12.45)
04. Tom Western - Green Broom (Demo) (19.52)
05. Advance Base - New Gospel (27.53)
06. Dennis Driscoll - Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow (33.06)
07. Niilo Smeds - Summer Air (37.46)
08. The Verve - Lucky Man (45.26)
09. Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids (52.41)
10. Symphonic Pictures - Feathers (59.35)

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