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The Toad Session I was probably most nervous about recording was Milk Maid, I think.  It was arranged at the last minute, they are a full, four-piece rock band, their profile is riding relatively high at the moment and I'd never really recorded anything so loud in our house before.

As it was, it turned out pretty fucking well, if you ask me, so when PAWS came in I was confident enough that we'd get decent recordings, but I have to confess I was a little nervous about how we'd get away with the racket and the general lawlessness of their performances.

There were some changes to the team this time as well, as a lot of the usual suspects couldn't make it.  Wee Matthew was helping out on cameras again, and Rory from Broken Records was back for a second batch of filming.  But we also managed to coax former ace Edinburgh gig photographer extraordinaire Nic Rue out of retirement to take the pictures, and Rory 'brought at friend' to help out with the filming.  And his friend just happened to be Chris Park.  Who just happens to be a serious professional.  So if you're wondering why this isn't as shit as usual, that's probably why.

As per usual, all the session mp3s are available to download for free, either below or in this zip file, we have videos of the songs and of the interview here, photos here, Nic's slightly larger portfolio of pics here, and of course the interview podcast below, with the playlist at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy.  And pity our poor neighbours.

PAWS - Jellyfish (Toad Session)

PAWS - Bloodline (Toad Session)

PAWS - Bird Inside Birdcage, Ribcage Inside Bird (Toad Session)

PAWS - Winners Don't Bleed (Toad Session)

01. PAWS - Jellyfish (Toad Session) (07.17)
02. Bronto Skylift - Cobblepot (15.50)
03. Mr. Peppermint - Carp Act (20.25)
04. PAWS - Bloodline (Toad Session) (26.47)
05. Ultimate Thrush - Complex Cat (35.31)
06. Crystal Swells - Waco, Wasilia, Waikiki (36.41)
07. PAWS - Bird Inside Birdcage, Ribcage Inside Bird (Toad Session) (42.35)
08. Pavement - Gold Soundz (48.59)
09. Dolfinz - Blowhole (51.44)
10. PAWS - Winners Don't Bleed (Toad Session) (61.49)

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