Toadcast #178 - The Northcast

 This week's podcast is named the Northcast because I was just up in Inverness at GoNorth, which is I suppose the biggest official Scottish music industry chatfest.

I am getting better at these, I have to be honest.  The music industry is heavily based around status and I do not do well when I suspect people might be looking down their nose at me, consequently my first few were quite a challenge to escape from before I picked a fight with someone I shouldn't, but as my general stature within music, and Scottish music in particular, has slowly grown I am finding these events easier to handle.

It also helped that as well as helping Lloyd from Peenko and Jason from the Popcop curate one of the stages, I did some one-to-one mentoring sessions (yes, I know!) and was on two of the panels myself.  That in itself gives you a kind of status which means people seem less awkward if it comes time to approach them asking about something they can do for you - I suppose it just feels like you're on a more equitable footing.  And in general this makes me less jumpy.

None of this stops you drinking far, far too much at these things though.

01. David Thomas Broughton - Nature (00.06)
02. Edinburgh School for the Deaf - Orpheus Descending (07.09)
03. John Knox Sex Club - Katie Cruel (14.57)
04. Post War Glamour Girls - Ode to Harry Dean (Concrete Hearts) (21.00)
05. Tim Minchin - Storm (24.46)
06. The Pineapple Chunks - Look Back in Horror (40.01)
07. Scott Hutchison & Rod Jones (Fruit Tree Foundation) - I Forgot the Fall (45.23)
08. PAWS - Jellyfish (52.40)
09. Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing!! (55.29)
10. Crystal Swells - Goethe Head Soup (63.15)

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