Toadcast #161 - The Slappercast

 Mrs. Toad and I do NOT approve Valentine's Day, and I have to say the fact that she genuinely seems to hate it (rather than just saying so, but secretly still expecting flowers) is a very liberating thing.  It means I can know finally forget about the whole bloody nonsense once and for all, and never ever have to figure out exactly how much I am expected to spend in order to demonstrate my affection for someone.

There is, after all, very little that can be less romantic than obediently making protestations of love for no other reason than that everyone else is doing so and you are expected to conform.  Seriously?  I actually think it's just plain fucking insulting, frankly.  

'Hello darling, I thought we might go out for a meal tonight.' 
'Yes dear, what a lovely idea, what made you think of that?'

In what possible world can 'because the shops told me to' be considered a better answer than, say, 'because we've both been really busy recently and I miss spending time with you'.  And assuming that the latter is obviously the more romantic answer, what the fuck does that have to do with the fourteenth of February?

01. Cracker - Mr. Wrong (00.18)
02. The Dead Kennedys - Your Emotions (08.39)
03. Fear of Pop - In Love (13.25)
04. The Veils - Don't Let the Same Bee Sting You Twice (22.02)
05. Bill Callahan - Our Anniversary (24.33)
06. The Wedding Present - Nobody's Twisting Your Arm (36.00)
07. Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years (39.40)
08. The Clash - White Riot (46.15)
09. Taxrat - Burn Down Slow (48.32)
10. Josh T. Pearson - Honeymoon is Great, I Wish You Were Her (55.25)

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